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Compare stock and prices from all suppliers in one place


All your suppliers products on your own web site with your profit margin on top


Completely automated drop shipped orders

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Access to all your buy prices in one place

Accurate stock and prices from all your suppliers

Save money

Customers save between 6% and 9% on procurement – you are comparing your personalised prices on every item!

Save time

No more checking multiple web sites and price books. All your suppliers are in front of you.

Find hard to find

Nearly 2m products are listed – if there is something IT related you need – if it’s in the UK you will find it here.

2 month free trial!

Then £30 per month – unlimited users

Sell all your suppliers stock on your own web store or shopping channel

Webstore Features

Sell A Huge Range Of Products

Potentially 1.9 million products to sell – with accurate stock and prices and full control of what you sell. Our typical customer has over 150,000 products on their site.

Completely Automated

Every night our system will go out to the suppliers and automatically collect your stock and price files. The data is imported and normalised, then matched with the product descriptions. Price and data quality rules are applied and then a file is published which you can import in to your web store.

Add Your Own Suppliers / Stock

In addition to the suppliers we show on our site you can add unlimited other suppliers / stock and price feeds. To do this you need at least stock, price, SKU and brand in a spreadsheet. This process can be done manually by uploading a file or can be automated with our system collecting files from an FTP location.

Product Descriptions Provided

For IT, Office and toner products we have sourced over 2m descriptions.

Icecat, Cnet and Bechlem.

Our system sources product descriptions from the leading content providers in the world. Our deals with these suppliers mean that you get all of this content at a lower price than going direct, with the benefit that it is all rolled up for you without the need for technical work.

Supplier’s Content + your own

Use the product descriptions (and images etc) from Vow, Spicers and in fact any other supplier that you buy from. Prioritise the content according to your preference. Additionally you can generate and include your own product descriptions and categorisation.

Improve data quality

Our system gives you tools to improve the product descriptions in bulk – such as adding default images to products without images, adding descriptions to products without descriptions, automatically categorising products and more by creating data quality rules in our system.

Add Your Profit Margins

Sell products cost plus. Add cost plus margins by category, brand, price range, product and customer or set fixed prices.

Set your margins.

This is the best way to sell virtual stock. Prices change daily – you set a target profit %. Create combinations – so for example “Acer” “Laptops” “£250 to £500″ charge 20% markup. There is an execution order for overlapping rules.

Price by customer

For Magento users – we have built in a way for you to set pricing per customer group within Magento itself. It also includes all the above. Plus you can have your set price lists with overrides typically for the customers top 20 products where prices are negotiated.

Fully integrated

Pricing rules can be populated via an API from your systems – great for customer specific rules. It is also possible to set prices by uploading files which can be set to ignore suppliers for the those products, perfect for strategically pricing owned stock.

Sell On Amazon, Ebay And Google

Sell tens of thousands of products on these sites and get orders immediately

For Magento users. This free plug in (sponsored by Ebay) lets you load all your products in to Ebay, Amazon and Play. All orders are then imported back in to Magento and hence to our system.

Other paid for tools ($80), Eseller Pro and Channel Advisor in the main. All these services list your products on shopping channels. Both Eseller Pro and have done a specific import to suit our standard data structure. Wyominds Google products tool is highly recommended. As part of our web store offer you get a daily updated file of stock, prices and product descriptions. After some of your own manipulation you can upload this file to any third party you wish.

Sell To Your Business Customers

Customer specific pricing and plug ins for B2B ecommerce make this perfect for B2B sales.

Pricing tools.

Set customer specific prices or margins by category, brand, price range or even on individual products. Customer can be in a main price band with overrides for granular rules for specific customers. Such as on the main gold price list – but with 20 specific product prices set and a better price on a set category.

B2B plugins

Magento users can choose from hundreds of B2B plugins. Cart2quote is popular and allows customers to create / request quotes online, although there are many to choose from, including restricted catalogues, purchase authorisation and more.

Bridges to your systems

Pricing rules in your ERP, in your web store and in our system can all be connected via our API. This gives your customers and staff access to a unified sale price whatever channel they reach you through.

Product Management

The site maintains itself – with flexibility to organise and control the products you sell.


Stock and prices are updated at least daily – with hourly options available, New products are added and discontinued products deleted. So really you can just leave the web site to update itself.

Controlling products

Loads of tools are provided to control what you sell. Select to publish and exclude brands, categories and suppliers. Create custom categories and move products individually or in bulk in to these categories. Categorize uncategorized products – again individually or in bulk. Create rules to do this so it happens automatically. (Eg Move all products with “projector lamp” in their name to the projector lamp category. Upload your own product descriptions or individually edit the products. Add default images or descriptions to products in bulk.


Currently our service is offered in the UK, US and Spain. However other countries can be serviced.


You can use our system in any currency you like. Issues occur if you get supplier prices in different currencies – such as Euros and Pounds. In this case you can apply an exchange rate that you set on the selected suppliers feed which equalises prices in to one currency.


Subject to a set up fee this service can be set up in any of the following languages.

English Magyar Ελληνικά
Deutsch Nederlands Български
Français Polski Русский
Español Português Українська
Catalán Româna עברית
Dansk Slovak العربية
English (US) Srpski/Српски ქართული
Hrvatski Suomi 中文 (简体)
Indonesian Svenska 中文 (繁體)
Italiano Tiếng Việt 日本語
Latvian Türkçe 한국인

Powerful Ecommerce software

Magento is our recommended shopping cart – and is included free with our services – but use whatever cart you want.


The worlds best cart. Thousands of apps in their app store, tens of thousands of developers around the world. Our team has produced apps for Magento to support everything mentioned on this page – making this a turnkey option.

Other shopping carts

Our system outputs a file at an FTP location early every morning with all the information to populate your online store. With some technical work your end this can be imported in to any shopping cart that can handle large numbers of products. Prestashop users should contact us as we have a plug in.

Easy Set Up

Turnkey options set up in days, help and assistance for developers or self starters.

Turnkey web store

Set up for you in a couple of days, the turnkey service is the easiest choice. Chose from hundreds of included templates and have the site personalised for you. No set up fee. Hosting included – fully backed up.

Magento Users

With our plug in you should be able to quickly import one hundred thousand products in to your Magento site. You can get on with designing and marketing your site whilst we handle the technical challenges. If you have any issues our team will sort them out for you.

Use your own cart

Use your existing ecommerce solution. Our customers have carts such as Venda, Oscommerce and custom written software. We have two file formats to choose from one simple flat file and the other a series of 11 related tables. See our demo page for sample files. You will need technical knowledge.

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Automate the quote to order cycle

Strip Costs Out of Your Business

With no touch Order fulfilment costs of processing orders are reduced to pennies

Grow revenues - Sell a huge range with no stock

Sell your customers pretty much whatever they want - increase your share of wallet

Better customer service

Automation means you and your customers know exactly what's happened to the order

Order Processing Features

No touch ordering

Fulfil your hardware orders with a few clicks.

Automate direct ship

Use our system to get orders shipped, automatically or subject to manual approval. Purchase orders sent straight to suppliers – or PDF emailed (for smaller suppliers without EDI gateways and for orders with negotiated prices). Acceptance and status and tracking returned. Later supplier invoice. Result – near zero cost processing.

Big business efficiency

This solution gives your business nearly complete efficiency, without costing a fortune to set up.

Buy Better – save money

Shop every item from all your suppliers save 6% to 9% on purchasing.

Auto fulfill

No more trawling through multiple suppliers catalogs and web stores comparing prices. Our system automatically shops all your available suppliers and chooses the cheapest suppliers to fulfill your order. Since fulfilling the same order from multiple suppliers may incur more than one shipping cost we take this into account in deciding how to fulfil.

All your suppliers + your stock

With over 120 live suppliers on our system – plus any number of private suppliers you choose to add – plus your own stock means you have visibility of pretty much every supplier in the market.

Access to a huge range of products

Sell a near endless range of products – quickly and efficiently at low cost.

Call centre functions

Load in a customer from your ERP or CRM, create a quote or order, take payment – all done in minutes!

Order Processing

Orders arrive in our orders inbox where your purchasing team can take over. With a few clicks the orders are fulfilled with status updates flowing back to the salesperson.

More products = More sales

Grow your share of wallet with your customers. Offer them a choice from a huge range. Make your processes efficient.

360 view of order status

See exactly what your order statuses are – automatically

Complete visibility / High customer satisfaction

For orders that are placed electronically you have the same level of efficiency as huge companies. Package tracking and order status is visible to you, your sales staff and your customers. Order Status Passed Back From Suppliers To web store, CRM and ERP Pick Up On Issues Proactively Before your customer knows of the problem – reach out and solve it. Track The Actual Delivery On The Couriers Website See exactly where the package is – right now!.

Visibility on Your Web Store

Order statuses are updated on your web store as they change. Courier tracking links let your customers know exactly where their packages are.

Independent Order Status Hub

If you mainly sell on email or over the phone – or are a large and complex business who does not wish to integrate orders statuses in to your business processes – a system can be developed to allow your sales staff and / or customers to look up order statuses on the web via a branded site. This can be provided across all your territories in a variety of languages. Contact us for a quote.

Link to your systems

The biggest benefits go to those who link our automated systems to their own accounts, ERP or CRM system.

Web store link.

Orders made on our recommended shopping cart software – Magento – automatically appear in our orders inbox for processing. Order status and tracking are fed back to the web store. Triggers can be sent to Magento to invoice the customer.

Bridge to CRM

Basically this involves getting the customer information to our system and the quote (or order) being sent back to your CRM. This way from inside your CRM you can create a hardware quote in seconds, emailed to your customer, both in the body and as a PDF, with links to product details. Tasks and follow ups can be created too.

Connect your accounts / ERP package

Our system sends orders, purchase orders, supplier invoices and order statuses to your ERP. This fully reconciles the orders you have fulfilled and eliminates any manual work.

Easy integration

Our fully open API is the best method of building bridges. However we also support FTP of CSV files to exchange information. Our experienced team will guide you through the process.

Create quotes instantly

With accurate stock and prices from all your suppliers. Options to feed results directly into your CRM or ERP

Real time prices and stock

No more looking through price lists and web sites – instantly sell your supplier stock – know the information is 100% accurate.

Professional quotes created

Our system generates quote emails and a PDF document linking to product details. These can be quickly and easily sent to your customers.

Linked to your CRM

The quote get stored in your CRM but other actions can be triggered too, such as follows ups or tasks or reminders. Convert to order allows you to take payment by credit card online or various other methods and creates the order in our system.

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