White label stock in the channel

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Sourcing portal

See all your suppliers in one place.

B2B price comparison

Compare like for like products together

Purchasing automation

Trade electronically with your suppliers

Why white label Stock in the channel

Access to all your suppliers in one place

Use our site to allow your salespeople to access all your available suppliers. It is easy to set up new suppliers without technical knowledge. Products are matched with product descriptions and categorizations. It is possible to upload supplier product descriptions and categories to. Control data quality so data fits your uniform format. UNSPSC category tree included.

B2B price comparison

Save money

Save money on purchasing, all your suppliers are listed together. The same product from different suppliers is grouped. The system automatically works out the cheapest way to fulfill an order including delivery. (allows you to prejudice against non preferred suppliers) Choose who sees which products. Set permissions on access to quotes oprders etc, as well as approval processes for those with permission but not sign off.

Different views

For departments, costs centres, roles or even if you manage other businesses procurement you can set them all up here with access to different suppliers, different catalogues whatever.

E-procurement – automated

One gateway to e-enable all your suppliers

End to end efficiency, our system links to your suppliers electronically and is easily set up. You connect to our site and hence orders, purchase orders, supplier invoices, order status and more flow back to your system. Easily link to our site form your ERP via web services or file transfer.

Connecting suppliers

For those suppliers of drop ship products who may not have system we can enable them via our links to the distributors and wholesalers they buy from, hence they can choose the products to sell to you without having to set up feeds themselves.

Includes non e-enabled suppliers

Suppliers without systems to automatically receive your purchase orders can still be included. Our system can email PDF POs to them, they can then log in to the site and update order statuses. Additionally if they email any invoices or dispatch updates we have a partner who uses OCR to convert documents to make them machine readable.

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