Hosted turnkey webstore

Our hosted web store offer will give you a live working site in a matter of days selling your suppliers stock.

Our hosted web store offer will give you a live working site in a matter of days selling your suppliers stock. It is based on Magento the worlds leading shopping cart program and can be the basis of a great online business. No technical knowledge is necessary as we do it all for you. However you still have the ability to develop and enhance your store. This page seeks not to repeat all the web store features – so for a full list of features see the main web store page.

Product content, stock and prices all included.

This turnkey package includes full Icecat product descriptions that normally sell for 300 euro a month. Other product content can be included for extra fees, particularly office and toner data.

Flexible design choices

A choice of any Hello Themes or Buzz Themes Magento templates can be chosen by you – at no cost to you. This amounts to a choice of several hundred different designs. Our team will plug in the themes and configure your site for you. If you wish you can choose another template but expect to have to plug it in yourself. We recommend Magento designers who can do this for you. If you show us the template we may plug it in for you, the issue is that some themes don’t work well with our data and the huge product range. (amongst other issues)

Add plugins - enhance your site

Choose from thousands of apps or plugins for Magento to enhance your site, such as M2E for selling on Ebay and Amazon. Turnkey customers are free to install any plugin they like. However we do not guarantee they will work. However if a plugin does break your site we can simply restore the site to a point before the plug in was installed, without loosing any of your order history or core site data.

What we do to set up your site

Basically deliver you a live site by the following: –

  • Plug in Sagepay and Paypal as your payment gateways
  • Put in your static pages with your about, terms, contact information etc and logo
  • Run test transactions to ensure the site is fully functional
  • Plus in and install your chosen template

How we manage and maintain your site

Custom scripts are run to back up the site make sure it is running quickly and to delete log files. Our back up can restore your site quickly and efficiently without loss of order and customer data.

Optimised Magento

Magento cache is enabled, CSS and javascript files are merged, images are hosted via URL instead of locally, fundamentally we have configured Magento so that it can deal with 250,000 products. Enhancements such as sphinx / lucene search are added as the in built Magento search is not perfect for huge product databases.

Optimised hosting

Every Turnkey 2.0 site runs on a powerful virtual server with 8 GB of memory, 2 CPU cores and powered by super fast SSD hard drives. Every aspect of the server’s configuration has been optimized for performance:- NgInx for the web server, Percona as a database engine, Redis to store key values in memory and Varnish to cache pages. This is a key value add of the turnkey package. So many times we have seen customers who host the Magento site themselves fail to get it to run properly.