DIY Magento web store

Stock in the channel have produced a Magento plugin that allows you to easily import all our data in to Magento. It has been downloaded nearly 1500 times

Unless you are a Magento / Linux developer you will have problems getting this working. Our solution populates your site with many tens of thousands of products. For Magento to be able to handle this it needs to be properly configured. Until recently we would log in and set up people’s servers for them, however experience has shown that over time the clients then have further problems. Our pricing strategy now reflects this in that it is actually cheaper to use our hosted service than to host yourself, although you also get full datafeed access if you host yourself so it is not a completely like for like comparison.

System requirements

This solution will only work on a server that you have full admin access to and has at least 4gb of RAM. In addition you will have to optimize the server. This document (PDF) details what you need to do. Also see our support article.

The Magento plugin

  1. Take datafeeds from multiple IT product distributors with whom you have accounts
  2. It matches all the products with full product descriptions, images and categories from Icecat and the suppliers
  3. Our tool allows you to select what to sell – how to organise the products and adds a margin on to your cost prices so you profit – also to publish, exclude, move and rename categories and products
  4. The resulting product list is then pumped in to your Magento site daily

You can install the plug in and populate your site with 7000 sample products free of charge! See the demo details. To install the plugin See our page on Magento connect

Support we provide

Given SSH FTP and Magento access we can set this up for you. However we are now reticent to do this for customers as our experience has shown that over time the clients then have further problems so this is not a long term solution. The plugin has a server checker to help you fix issues related to the server not being configured correctly. There is support documentation. We still offer to check your server for you can get this working, however this now starts by you contacting our sales team rather than creating a support ticket.

Product content

Our key content provider is Icecat. We give away full Icecat with packages we host ourselves. Full icecat normally costs 300 euro per month. With the datafeed package you get full Icecat categories, main and thumbnail images, category attribute filters and a linked datasheet (that you can completely custom design) with the balance of full icecat information, specifically multiple images, marketing text and the specifications. In addition Testseek product reviews are included at no cost. Supplier content such as from Vow, Midwich, Target and Spicers can be added. The toner and ink data is provided by Bechlem is a paid option taken by many of our clients. Office products content from Openrange – and other data from the likes of Cnet or others can be added on request subject to fees.

Plugins and addons

There have been few plugin conflicts, however it is always advisable to have back ups before installing other plugins. Things our DIY customers have done include developing complex B2B sites with sub sites and systems integration, M2E pro users who have Magento and sell on Ebay and Amazon and other custom solutions combining with their different applications and Magento. Also see our addons section for addons we recommend and those we have developed ourselves.