Data Feed

Populate your online store, ERP, CRM or PSA with our datafeed, including pictures, descriptions and specifications.

Populate your online store, ERP, CRM or PSA with our datafeed, including pictures, descriptions, specifications – plus stock and prices from all your suppliers. We provide the information in a couple of different formats. It is published at least daily to an FTP location – from where your systems collect and import this information in to your shopping cart. To achieve this requires some technical knowledge – however for those without this, easy answers can be found by using our turnkey service or Magento. This page seeks not to repeat all the web store features – so for a full list of features see the main web store page.

Up to date and accurate

Over 40,000 resellers use Stock in the channel, with over 450 businesses taking the datafeed to power their web stores and quotes. Rarely incorrect prices are mistakenly published by the suppliers. With our large number of customers by 10am we know about the error. Over the years this happens less and less. Our publishes run on time everyday. In this market this is crucial as IT product stock and prices are so variable – one day can make a huge difference.

Product content included at low cost…

Our key content provider is Icecat. We give away full Icecat with packages we host ourselves. Full icecat normally costs 300 euro per month. With the datafeed package you get full Icecat categories, main and thumbnail images, category attribute filters and a linked datasheet (that you can completely custom design) with the balance of full icecat information, specifically multiple images, marketing text and the specifications. In addition Testseek product reviews are included at no cost. Supplier content such as from Vow, Midwich, Target and Spicers can be added. The toner and ink data is provided by Bechlem is a paid option taken by many of our clients. Office products content from Openrange – and other data from the likes of Cnet or others can be added on request subject to fees.

See what you get - example files

There are 3 core file formats, Magento, flat file and relational tables set out in a format for custom integration. We produce sample files so you can see exactly what you get. Go to our Demo page to see the sample files. If required custom formats can be produced for extra charges. Files include cost prices form multiple suppliers, sell prices for multiple price groups and a whole heap more. For an explanation of the fields in the files see the guides.

Languages & currencies

The datafeed is provided in the language and currency of the location in which you are in. Each datafeed is in only one language.