B2B Web stores

A complete package of all Stock In The Channel ecommerce tools, this suite provides B2B customers with everything from ecommerce to e-procurement.

Offered on a project basis, our B2B Webstore Suite lays the groundwork for B2B customers wishing to have a personalised store to share, sell and manage their IT stock. Whilst there are similar sites out there who offer Magento plugins, this is the first time a B2B suite has been created that allows users to have a multi-feature package with a designated project manager that works with them to deliver the solution end-to-end.

A complete package of all Stock In The Channel ecommerce tools, this suite provides B2B customers with everything from ecommerce to e-procurement.

Purchase approval process

Let your customers have full control over their staffs purchases on your web site with Stock In The Channel’s Purchase Approval Plugin for Magento.

For enterprises, we understand that purchase approvals for a large amount of customers/employees can be an unnecessary chaos. With this plugin, you can easily designate multiple line managers to approve purchases under a certain amount so you only have to approve the larger purchases yourself. For someone with 50+ employees or customers, this is an excellent way to manage spend. Not only does this give you full control over total spend, but allows all users to be in control of their budgets and orders in an easy and organised manner.

Order Automation

Stock In The Channel have produced a solution to streamline the procurement of drop ship products.

Import orders from your webstore or ordering application – even CRM – automatically or use our included quote / order creation tool.
With our process, easily manage orders in one place, including cancelling or editing orders, re-ordering, holding, invoicing and shipping.

Plus, see real-time prices and stock levels!

Quote tools

Create quotes with dynamic prices, convert quotes to orders, find the best way to source the items, customizable quote PDFs, and online information generated.

This system can be plugged in to your existing CRM and will dramatically save your business time.

Customer specific pricing

Customer Specific Pricing allows you to create and charge personalised prices for different customers, including fixed and cost-plus. While other plugins offer similar pricing capabilities, our tool is the only plugin perfect for large product databases and cost-plus pricing.

With large product databases, we understand how important it is to create tailored prices per customer as soon as they’re requested and we’ve designed this tool specifically for you to do just that! Including fixed and cost-plus pricing depending on your unique pricing needs, this plugin guarantees a more efficient way to do your customer pricing.

Full Product Description With Icecat

This B2B package includes full Icecat product descriptions for over 1.4m I.T, office and Telecoms products which you receive in the quote PDF we generate as well as in online datasheets branded to your company.

With this tool, you’re able to set the images for the product and the descriptions, copy or move the product in to a category, set the weight of the products, stock level, status, profit margin, product status and more.

Bridges and connectors

Let your customers see quotes, invoice history, order status and more within the web site. Get orders, customers, quote requests and other data from your site in to your back office or CRM / PSA. With pre-built connectors to Sage 50 and 200 and others, an open API and a file transfer method of creating bridges you will be able to make the webstore an integrated part of your business.

We can help with getting your systems connected to ours with both API and FTP methods offered. Systems currently and previously connected include Magento, MsCRM, Sage Line 50, SAP and Navision.

Customer Portals

To make a success of a web store for a VAR business you need to get your customers going there. Sounds obvious…. but it can be difficult for some resellers to get their customers online. Once online your run rate business will explode. One way we try to achieve this is combining the web store with the order processing service. This enables the following: –
• Checking order status on the web site
• Invoice history
• Open quotes
• Order history

Flexible design choices

With this suite you have full control over your webstore design.

With the choice to either choose a template from one of our recommended providers or have our dedicated designers create a bespoke site specifically for you, you’re guaranteed to have the perfect site with everything you need.

Setting up and managing your site

This is a full service solution that includes design, configuration, linking to your systems, testing and launch.

You will have a designated project manager who will be on hand to help with any issues you have related to managing and maintaining your site.

Add plugins - enhance your site

Choose from thousands of apps or plugins for Magento to enhance your site. Our team will install and test the plugins before going live and advise of any potential issues.

Punch out / roundtrip stores

If you sell to very large businesses or the public sector you may be asked to list your products in their internal procurement system, Ariba, Oracle, Buying solutions and more. Our file output can populate the marketplace in catalogue view. For those that need punch out to their web store, Stock In The Channel in partnership with PunchOut2Go have created a punch-out add-on. This is offered at an additional fee of £3,529 ($5,000).

The team behind Stock In The Channel have been developing B2B web solutions since 1997 and are now offering our unique B2B Suite to bring those skills to the forefront of our services – offering a package that gives you everything you need to succeed in one package. Pricing is quoted on a per-project basis to guarantee your package is tailored to your specific needs.

For your specific quote or further information on this B2B suite, get in touch with our team at support@stockinthechannel.com or sign-up below

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