E-commerce Solutions for Resellers

Stock In The Channel’s Ecommerce Service allows you to build a professional, fully-featured website for your customers to view and buy all of your supplier’s stock as well as your own.

Sell your suppliers' stock

Whether you want a hosted or self-hosted solution, our ecommerce solution offers both. Simply choose between a webstore or data feed and let us handle the rest!

Full product descriptions

Both webstore and data feed solutions come with full product descriptions, images, and technical specifications from a mixture of Icecat product data and data supplied by the distributors themselves.

Hold your own stock?

With our private data feed, you can add stock from suppliers you work with who aren’t listed on our site (yet!) as well as any stock you hold in warehouse.

Features on all packages

How it works

Populate through our portal

Both solutions will be populated using our Magento plugin and a portal that you receive on Stock In The Channel, allowing you to customise which distributors, categories, brands and products are uploaded onto your feed. To get more of an insight into how the feed works, view a tutorial of the feed or test it yourself.

Accurate stock and pricing

Every night our system goes out to your suppliers and automatically collects your stock and price files. The data is imported and normalised, then matched with product descriptions. Our system then chooses the distributor with the lowest price (including your uplift), your margins are then applied and the feed can then be instantly updated.

Automatic updates

As pricing and availability change in distribution, both data feeds and webstores are updated automatically – ensuring your chosen ecommerce solution is showing up-to-date stock and prices.

Hosted with our Webstore Turnkey

Stock In The Channel’s Webstore Service allows you to build a professional, fully-featured website for your customers to view and buy all of your suppliers’ stock as well as your own.

Our solution

Hosted on our servers, we provide you with a Webstore Turnkey created using the theme template of your choice. As the webstore is on our servers, we provide Full Icecat product descriptions, images and technical specifications for your site.

Our server specifications
  • 4 Cores CPU
  • CPU Reservation 2500 – 6100Mz
  • 4 – 8 GB RAM
  • 130GB of Hard Disk total
  • SSH Private Key Access 8196#
  • PHP 5.5+
  • Linux (we recommend Debain)
  • SOAP
  • Curl
  • Nginx 1.7.x+
  • Redis, used for session or cache storage
  • MySQL 5.6+
  • SSL (included), which secures credit card and other sensitive transactions as well as communication between your customers and your server.
  • Daily Backups (1 Week)
  • Datacenter in France / America / Canada
Built using Magento

The store is built using Magento 1.9, the world’s most popular ecommerce software. It has thousands of pre-built designs, a huge community of developers and an app store with thousands of plugins. To make the most of your webstore, you can easily extend your site to sell on virtually any online channel such as Amazon and eBay. We also offer Magento 2 but we advise people against this until it becomes more stable, however if you would like Magento 2 instead then we will use this instead.

Designed for your brand

Choose a free template from over hundreds of designs with our recommended partners at Hello Themes or Buzz Themes. Our team will plugin the themes and configure your site for you.

Self-hosted with our Data Feeds

Populate your online store, ERP, CRM or PSA with our datafeed, including pictures, descriptions and specifications

Our solution

Stock In The Channel’s Data Feed Service allows you to populate your website or back-end system with personalised stock and pricing from distributors you work with, as well as those not yet listed on our site or any warehouse stock you hold. This solution is completely self-hosted, meaning you receive the data from us and host the site yourself. As it is a self-hosted solution, we cannot offer Full Icecat. Instead, product descriptions, images and specs are provided in an I-Frame.

Private Data Feeds

Our private data feed solution enables you to sell stock from suppliers not yet listed on our site or any stock you hold in warehouse. This solution makes it easier and more efficient to get the products from your warehouse populated onto your site and directly in front of customers actively looking for the items you sell.

Key Benefits

  • See your own stock alongside products in the marketplace
  • Add stock and pricing from suppliers not currently listed on Stock In The Channel
  • Get your products in front of customers actively looking for the exact items you sell and increase orders through your webstore
  • Increase sales of slow-moving stock by populating your webstore with your own stock

Sell On Amazon and eBay

Extend your product reach and increase sales nearly instantly!

For Magento users, add a plugin made by M2E that lets you sell your suppliers products on Ebay, amazon and other consumer marketplaces.

Uses M2E plugin

M2E were sponsored by Ebay to enable Magento users to easily sell their products on Ebay. They charge 0.3% commission and have a large number of customers, so are both cheap and widely used.


  • Sell your suppliers stock on Amazon and eBay matched with full product descriptions and your chosen margin.
  • Stock in the channel make no extra charge for this, so your only extra costs are M2E and marketplace fees.
  • Receive all the benefits that come with our webstore solution so Amazon or eBay is an extra source of revenue.
  • Sync all orders with our order automation service to seamlessly automate your order process and rid yourself of manual hassle.
  • This is a 3rd party integration from M2E that allows our webstore customers to easily extend their product reach across the desired platforms.
  • M2E

Product Descriptions Provided

For IT, office and toner products we have sourced over 2 million descriptions.

IT Products

For IT product descriptions, we have a partnership with Icecat, a leading provider of product data, which allows you to have access to all of their content if you host with us. If you host yourself, we provide IFrames for full Icecat content, but still include all the category and attribute data, as well as a thumbnail and main image. Icecat covers many categories including IT, office and toner, however for those categories not featured on Icecat, we have specific solutions in place.

Ink and Toner Products

Stock in the Channel has also partnered with Bechlem, the most comprehensive database of toners and printers in the world and includes compatible, re-manufactured and original brands. The advantage of using Bechlem is that it lists the relationships between printers and cartridges allowing you to search by printer to find cartridges.

Office Products

For the office products listed on Stock in the Channel we primarily use Icecat for branded product data but for own-brand products we import data supplied by the British Office Supplies and Services (BOSS) Federation. BOSS also supply an alternative category structure that is compatible with both VOW and Spicers and is automatically implemented by our system. We also pull the content for Spicers directly from Open Range.

Add your own product descriptions

The following methods of adding and changing product descriptions are offered.

  • Upload a file containing your own product descriptions
  • Edit the supplied product descriptions either one by one or via a bulk edit on the site
  • Include other third party content providers or suppliers’ content. If this has to be imported in a way that is not possible with our data import tool there may be extra charges.

Prioritise the content suppliers according to your preference. So say Icecat first, then Midwich, then CNet…

Improve data quality

Our system gives you tools to improve the product descriptions in bulk – such as adding default images to products without images, adding descriptions to products without descriptions, automatically categorising products and more by creating data quality rules in our system.

Data Provided

See our sample files to find out exactly what we offer – it includes

  • Part numbers
  • Product names
  • EAN codes
  • Category of products
  • Stock level
  • Your lowest priced supplier
  • UNSPSC code
  • Multiple images per product
  • Related products
  • Detailed product description
  • Full product specifications
  • Product attributes (e.g. color)
  • Expert product reviews

Add Your Profit Margins

Set your margins

Cost-plus pricing is the best way to sell virtual stock. Prices change daily – you set a target profit percentage. Create combinations – so for example “Acer” “Laptops” “£250 to £500″ charge 20% markup. There is an execution order for overlapping rules.

Allow for delivery costs

Set an extra (and hidden) margin on top of distributors’ prices either as a percentage or fixed amount. This can balance out different delivery charges for different suppliers or allow you to prejudice against certain suppliers.

Set prices for individual products.

Either upload a spreadsheet of products and prices to be used or manually edit prices or product, either as a fixed price or set margin.

Price by customer

Set pricing by customer group using the same margin tools as with the standard pricing.

Fully integrated

Pricing rules can be populated via an API from your systems – great for customer-specific rules.

Set hidden or extra margins by supplier

Hidden margins can be also added onto certain suppliers. Thus if your supplier charges more for delivery, is less reliable, is not fully integrated (therefore you have higher order processing costs), or is an alternative supplier that charges you under the market rate in order to enforce a minimum sales price, you can add hidden margins to the distributor prices – on top of which the price rules run. This can be a fixed amount on top of each product price or an extra margin percent.

See prices from all of your suppliers in one place!

Key benefits
  • View personalised prices from distributors you already work with alongside stock, helping to ensure you always get the best price for the products you need.
  • Unlimited users on your account
  • Compare prices from over 150 distributors in the UK alone!
  • Price feeds are updated daily so you always have the most up-to-date prices. For the top 25 distributors, you can receive real-time, up-to-the-minute stock and prices. If you hold your own stock or that of a distributor not currently listed on our site, we can add these feeds for you with our Private Data Feed service.
  • View personalised prices from distributors you already work with alongside stock. Price feeds are updated daily so you always have the most up-to-date prices.

Plugins and Add-ons

Purchased Approval Plugin

Our Purchase Approval plugin enables your customers to have full control over their staff purchases on your site while also giving you the option to manage the internal spend of your own employees.

For enterprise companies and those with over 50 employees, we understand that purchase approvals for a large number of customers or employees can be an unnecessary chaos. With this plugin, you can easily designate multiple line managers to approve purchases over a set spending limit, by product type or by user type.

Learn more

Created to make the purchase approval process more efficient, this plugin helps your customers or employees stay in full control of their budget easily and efficiently.

Customer Specific Pricing Plugin

With large product databases, we understand how important it is to create prices tailored to every customer and we’ve designed this tool specifically for you to do just that! Including fixed and cost-plus pricing depending on your unique pricing needs, this plugin guarantees a more efficient way to do your customer pricing.

Learn more

Toner & Part Finder

Our Toner & Cartridge finder widget is completely customisable – allowing you to style it to your liking and place it anywhere on your designed site. Created to make it easier for you to browse through the most extensive category trees via a series of easy-to-use drop-down menus, this widget can also work with a specified root category out of the various category trees you can create.

Our Toner & Cartridge Finder plugin is a free tool packaged with our toner data set to give you all the categories and subcategories you need to find the toner and parts you need. While the plugin is free to download, the data is to be purchased at an additional cost found at the bottom of this email.

Learn more


We’ve built integrations with leading software providers to give you all the tools you need to automate your business, including Sage 200, Sage 50, Autotask and Exact Online.

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