Quoting for VARs and MSPs

Create hardware quotes with accurate stock, pricing and full product descriptions!

Instant Quoting

Create quotes with dynamic prices, convert quotes to orders, find the best way to source the items, customisable quote PDFs, and online info generated.

Custom domain quote hosting

When you share your quote online, your link can show from your domain instead of Stock In The Channel’s – making it completely branded for your company all-around!

Full product descriptions!

Full product descriptions, images, and technical specifications are provided for over 1.4 million products using a mixture of Icecat product data and data supplied by the distributors themselves

Quote tool Features


Our Instant Quoting Tool does exactly what the name suggests – you can create product quotes in an instant! With our solution, you never have to look on various websites or resources to find stock and prices again since we provide everything you need to quote in one place! This process is very straightforward and is intuitive to anyone who has ever ordered online before.

The process is simple
  1. Add products to your Stock In The Channel basket
  2. Click ‘Quote’
  3. Voila! You now have your quote in a matter of minutes.
  4. Send your quote directly to your customers:
    • Download your customised PDF to send manually or email automatically
    • Use our customer domain hosting to share your quote online. Your link can show from your domain instead of Stock In The Channel’s – making it completely branded for your company!
How it works

The quote itself can be arranged however you want; you can edit the order of products, the quantity, cost and delivery price as you see fit. Our system will automatically choose to use the cheapest distributor, including shipping price, but you can change this based on preference.

The appearance of quotes is also fully customisable and can be output as a PDF with linked datasheets to product specs.

All quotes are in one place so your sales team can easily access and manage your pipeline and profitability plus make the calculation of commission in a simple solution. Quotes for customers are also located in one place, giving them full visibility when you synchronise their quotes with your CRM or PSA system.

Add your personal stock or that of suppliers not yet on our site

In addition to the 140+ supported distributors, you can add your own stock or other suppliers who are not already included. Simply upload a file to our system and start generating quotes!

Private data feeds

With our private data feeds, you can add stock you hold in warehouse or stock from suppliers you already work with so you see all products and pricing alongside stock currently on Stock In the Channel.

Learn more about our Private Feeds.

No need to copy and paste

Links to your email, CRM and PSA programs allow you to use the data in your quotes and proposals instantly.

Email the quote

Click a link and email the quote – product details and prices are in the email body, plus a beautifully presented PDF of the quote. Simply install our small app for Outlook to achieve this.

Send the quote to your CRM / PSA

The products you are quoting for can appear in your CRM system, including the quote PDF. The quote can be associated with opportunities so you can effectively follow up. Create your own proposals and bring the quote data in to them. Our system can access your customer database in real time for quick quote creation.

End-to-end visibility for order process users

For order process users, the quote can be converted to an order with status and tracking issues reported back to the CRM – so you are completely on top of what’s happening to the orders.

Close those deals

Know when customers view their online quote.

Get an email sent as soon as the customer views their quote online. Follow up quickly and get the order

Create opportunities in your systems

Thus you can mark your follow up times and or include the quote in a wider proposal according to the opportunities you have created in your PSA or CRM.

See changes in cost prices

Our quote dashboard shows price changes – so you can go back to the customer if a better deal is available

Close quotes automatically

Web-store users can expose the quotes on the online store and hence win the order even when they are sleeping!

Report on profitability, activity and more


View reports on quotes created and won, see how much you have made by rep and by customer

Quote Dashboard

View all the quotes you have created in one place in our system. Filter by product, quote status, sales rep and more

View quotes in your own system

With our bridges to other systems the quotes you create on Stock in the Channel appear in your CRM and PSA so you know exactly what is going on

Order process users see more info

If you use our system to place orders with the distributors automatically then we return full status and tracking information. In the rare event that there is an issue with an order you can pick oup on it before your customers do.

Every action is recorded

From initially creating the basket, through to winning the quote and later the order process and status updates. Also know who performed each change.

Get the most for your quoting needs:

Compare pricing from all of your suppliers

Our quote tool includes our Compare Prices package which allows you to see and compare pricing from all of your suppliers alongside stock.

Effectively manage quotes created

Have full control over your quotes with the ability to approve, review and monitor all quotes in one place. This includes making revisions to items, margins and pricing as well as having full visibility of quote and order history.

Quote on the go!

Our mobile-friendly tool lets you make your lists of items on any device, from anywhere and add items to your quote whilst you are with the customer.

Add related products

Each product has a list of related products that you can add to your quote. This includes making a separate subtotal for optional items so you can clearly differentiate items to upsell.

Sync your quotes directly with Autotask and Exact Online!

Automating the quote-to-order cycle for virtual stock, our links to Autotask and Exact Online provide IT resellers an efficient solution to creating and managing product quotes on Stock In The Channel.

  • Create the quote straight from your product basket!
  • Easily import your customer information
  • Product descriptions, pricing and more!
  • Complete quote management

Increase efficiency and visibility

No touch product ordering

Convert your quotes to orders and get the orders automatically fulfilled, with order status and tracking fed back so you know exactly what’s happening with the orders.

Automatically record product serial numbers

Quoted items, once ordered will go back in to your systems for asset tracking and service calls, with serial numbers provided so you know the precise device in question

End-to-end efficiency

By taking the order processing package as well you get end-to-end efficiency.

Accurate pricing on quotes

Create customer groups with margin rules

Create price lists for your different customers with margins by category, brand and price range combinations, plus specific pricing options for individual items

Rules synced across systems

Let your customer have access to the same suggested prices both on the phone and on your web-store. Customer pricing rules are synced with your web-store. The pricing rules can be driven from settings in your ERP

Quoting and your web-store

Show quotes in your web-store

The quotes you create can be synced with your web-store so your customers can go online and view their quotes, and possibly convert them to order

Let customers request quotes online

Using the Cart2Quote plugin customers can create or request quotes from within your web-store, which your sales people can pick up on.

Learn more about our Webstores.

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