Toner & Part Finder


Free – download it on Magento connect – downloaded hundreds of times, a must have if you sell toner and ink online


Allows You To Navigate A Category Tree Via A Series Of Drop Downs.

We built this tool for a toner finder, with 45,000 categories and subcategories. It makes it much faster to load and is the best way to browse such an extensive category tree.
The widget can be placed pretty much anywhere on the site and can be styled etc. It can work with a specified root category out of the multiple root category trees you create.
We built this tool so we could sell our Ink and toner web store solution, however in the spirit of open source we are giving it away to anyone that wants it – Enjoy!

Adding To Magento

Step 1 = Installation

  • Open your Magento Admin
  • Navigate to System → Magento Connect → Magento Connect Manager
  • Log in with Admin Credentials
  • Paste the extension key you get from this page into the “Install new Extensions” box on the page
  • Click “Install” followed by “Proceed”

Now the Plugin should be installed. If your Stockinthechannel Feed contains both Toner and IT trees, default global configuration is already set up for you, so proceed to Step 3

Step 2 – Selecting the root category

  • Find the Category ID of the Root Category Containing Toner Data. (Or your chosen category tree) This can be done by navigating to Category Management in the Magento Backend, as seen here: Category ID
  • Next, in FTP or whatever you are using to manage files, navigate to app/code/local/Sinch/Tonerconfigurator/etc and openconfig.xml
  • Within This file locate 4 and Change the 4 to the New Category ID

Step 3 – display options

  1. In Magento admin navigate to: CMS → Widgets and select “Add New Widget Instance”
  2. In the Setting select Type “Stock in the Channel – Toner Configurator”
  3. Design Package/Theme = Select your Template Name and press continue
  4. Frontend Properties
    • Widget Instance Title – use this for your own reference in the Magento backend only
    • Sort Order = Can be any numeric value and is only used if you have more than one active Widget in a single block (if in doubt enter the value as 1)


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