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This plugin is available for anyone to use, you can either Add this plugin to your basket and checkout to get the plugin files, or you can use the magento connect link:


Sell Ingram Micro, Techdata & 100 Other Suppliers Products

Populate your Magento site with virtual stock and drop ship the products to your customers – for IT, Telecoms, Ink, office and consumer electronics products.

Our solution allows you to:

  1. Take datafeeds from multiple IT product distributors with whom you have accounts
  2. It matches all the products with full product descriptions, images and categories from Icecat and the suppliers
  3. Our tool allows you to select what to sell – how to organise the products and adds a margin on to your cost prices so you profit – also to publish, exclude, move and rename categories and products
  4. The resulting product list is then pumped in to your Magento site daily

You can install the plug in and populate your site with 7000 sample products free of charge!

What is required:

  1. To host a Magento site with our plug in you need at least 2GB of ram – ideally 4GB of guaranteed RAM – after all you will have 50,000 products in your site. You will have to ensure you have your server correctly configured
  2. Accounts with the suppliers – some of the suppliers just want you to buy something to have an account – but most make you apply and you need to be a VAT registered business.

What you get:

  1. A site full of products with stock, prices, product descriptions, categories, attribute filters, images, product comparison, related products and more pumped in to Magento automatically
  2. A tool to manage the feed – see screenshot
  3. The ability to see your buy prices as you browse Stock in the Channel
  4. Free support and advice to help you get it working
  5. If you pay
    a.) A template we have designed to suit IT industry plugged in for you
    b.) Our techies to login and configure your server for you

Getting started:

To help you get started we have produced a guide to installing Magneto and our plug in on your own server View Now

  1. Install Magento – remember you need a at least 2GB of guaranteed RAM
  2. Install our extension
  3. Configure your server according to the guide above
  4. Import sample data use these credentials
    Login: StoreProductsCSV754
    Password: 3BE6FB6D
  5. Apply your templates designs – our install guide includes some links to common design mods to suit the IT industry
  6. When you are ready, sign up for monthly payments and your live data will be populating the site

NB: If you don’t have Magento installed already then get a complete ready to go Stock in the channel / Magento package hosted with our turn key option:-

  1. Magento Software
  2. Stock in the Channel plug in
  3. High quality hosting


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