E-Procurement Spend Management For Enterprise


Have full control over employee and customer purchases with Stock In The Channel’s Purchase Approval Plugin for Magento


Let your customers have full control over their staffs purchases on your web site with Stock In The Channel’s Purchase Approval Plugin for Magento.

For enterprises, we understand that purchase approvals for a large amount of customers/employees can be an unnecessary chaos. With this plugin, you can easily designate multiple line managers to approve purchases over a set spend limit, or by product type or by user type.  For someone with 50+ employees or customers, this is an excellent way to manage spend. Not only does this give you full control over total spend, but allows all users to be in control of their budgets and orders in an easy and organised manner.

Who Is This For?

Anyone looking to make the purchase process easier and more efficient, whether that be with employees internally or with customers.

What Does This Plugin Offer?

The approval process can be required during any or all of these 3 areas. There are facilities for multiple levels of approval:

  • Line Manager Approval Allocate a line manager to permit specific users orders.
  • Product Approval Send specific products to the tech team to ensure compatible products have been chosen.
  • Budgetary Approval Orders over a certain price require a designated user (e.g. boss) to make the final approval.


  • An easier approval process with 3 simple stages
  • Delegated approvals for when you are out of office
  • Dashboard notifications and updates of requests/approvals requiring a user’s attention
  • Add notes with order requests to explain the need for items
  • Request status history that allows you to follow the approvals at each stage with date/time
  • Place previous purchase requests in the basket for quicker purchasing and approvals


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