Customer Specific Pricing


Customer Specific Pricing allows you to charge different prices for different customers – normally cost plus but also fixed amounts


Manage your B2B customers with prices specific for them.

This extension comes free as part of our Order Processing package, or can be bought as a standalone plugin for Magento.

Whilst there are other extensions offering this none will be perfect for large product databases or for cost plus pricing. We studied them and then had to write this ourselves. With larger product databases prices have to be calculated when requested (if margin based) as having thousands of products and many customers makes a huge pricing matrix. Our system does allow you to set fixed prices per customer, but in our experience this only applies to a small number of the total product range.

With our 40,000 B2B customers customer specific pricing is important to us. This plugin is only part of our work in this area and allows: –

  • Set a margin by a combination of category, brand or price range which can be cost plus or retail minus.
  • Set specific prices for specific products for specific customer groups
  • This extension can work stand alone although there is an API that can link out to your ERP if you have pricing rules set there
  • Natively this application is linked to the customer specific pricing tools within – in which case you set up prices within our site. Stock in the channel customer specific pricing also has an API and this can be used to connect to your ERP to synchronize rules, hence quotes you create on our site also have the customer specific pricing.
  • A number of rules are included in the plugin such as end date of the rule being set up
  • Upload customer specific pricing rules from a CSV file – a spreadsheet basically. This is most often used for the individual prices by customer group for the top 20 or so products they buy. The upload of the CSV could  be automated via a CRON job – but really the API route would be better.
  • View all rules set up in Magento and filter by customer group and other factors to hone in on chosen rules.
  • Set an execution order for overlapping rules – i.e you may have a rule all laptops plus 15% – but a more detailed rule Acer laptops 20%

Create your customer specific pricing in 3 ways:

  1. On your Magento Store
  2. In your ERP or back end systems
  3. On the back-end of Stock in the Channel (Only available with our Order Processing package)

Magento Store

  • Create customer groups (e.g. bronze, silver and gold)
  • Set up your customers pricing by margins on category, brand and price range or set up individual pricing per product for customers.
  • Prioritise the rules per customer e.g. if certain products are given a specific markup, it can override  a general markup

ERP or back end systems

  • Sync your ERP markups per customer or customer group directly into Magento or into Stock in the channel via the API
  • Upload a spreadsheet or just set the rules manually.

Back-end of Stock in the Channel 

  • Create customer groups and specific prices per group
  • Price rules are synced automatically into Magento when importing products with the Stock in the Channel plugin


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