Stock In The Channel (SINCH) is the largest search engine for IT resellers, manufacturers and distributors. With over 50,000 registered users and 1.5 million page views a month, resellers are guaranteed to find the right products at the right time, every time.

Stock In The Channel’s suite of eCommerce solutions includes sharing IT stock, compare prices, business intelligence, Magento plugins and add­-ons, order automation, instant quoting tools, purchase approval systems and customer­ specific pricing. SINCH is the only company with such a broad offer within the IT and office supplies industry and continues to grow its services.


Founded by brothers Tony and Paul Meyers in 2009, Stock In The Channel transformed the industry by offering the complete ecommerce package, giving the IT channel a site where it was possible to share, buy and sell IT hardware in one location.

Initially founded in the UK, SINCH has now expanded its services to Europe, North America, and Australia ­ offering territory ­specific stock searches and sales.


Stock In The Channel serves the B2B and B2C commerce needs of brands, manufacturers, distributors and resellers in the IT channel. These include over 150 distributors in the UK alone such as Exertis, Ingram Micro, Westcoast, CMS, Tech Data and Midwich.

Our Services

Free Stock Searches For IT Resellers Upon Registration With SINCH

IT resellers can register absolutely free to search over 4 million (UK) products from 150+ distributors in the UK alone and 300 distributors globally.

We are currently offering a two month, no obligation, free trial of our Compare Prices service. After the free trial, this offer is available at £50 per month.
With our compare pricing option, you can see your personalised prices from all of your registered distributors in one location – guaranteeing you find the best price from all of your suppliers quickly and easily.

Stock in the Channel’s Quote Tool gives you access to complete and accurate stock levels, your specific prices from suppliers and complete product descriptions, allowing you to pull it all together for an immediate quote for your customers with everything they need. These can be changed into orders and sent in customizable PDFs. You can also import private feeds either from distributors not currently active on Stock In The Channel or from your own warehouse.

This suite offers SINCH users the opportunity to have a personalised B2B webstore through Magento.

The suite is one ­of ­a ­kind, offering our entire range of services and plugins in one package designed to help B2B resellers have everything they need to succeed in ecommerce.

This package offers the following either as a whole or cherry ­picked for specific client needs:

● Customer­ Specific Pricing
● Quote Tool
● Purchase Authorisation Plugin
● Customer Portals ­ Showing offline and online information from your ERP or accounts system as well as from Stock In The Channel. Includes order status, history and quotes.
● Multiple Users Per Customer Plugin
● Product content, stock and pricing updated daily with the option to upgrade to hourly.
● Punchout/Roundtrip Stores

This is a full ­service solution that includes design, configuration, testing and launch.

For those interested in the Magento store for a smaller price, we offer two ecommerce packages:

1. Data Feed

a. The datafeed takes all of the feeds that you have set up on Stock In The Channel, normalises the data, and creates either a single or multi file for you to export to your webstore.
b. You have the option to edit which products, distributors, brands and categories you receive in your feed via a portal on SINCH.
c. We provide you with our plug­in and Open IceCat data in an IFrame.
d. After receiving the feed, you then integrate and host the site yourself.

2. Turnkey

a. The Turnkey solution offers the same portal as the datafeed service, allowing you to edit the information you receive on your site.
b. We will install a template for your site and set up the Magento store on our hosting server with up to 200,000 products from your distributors.
c. Additionally, we provide full testing prior to going live and set­up the payment gateway but do not configure this.
d. Project management and personalised design are not included in the B2C webstore.

Stock In The Channel have created plugins specifically for Magento to improve the eCommerce experience for both B2B and B2C customers.

This plugin allows customers with multiple users in their company to approve or reject purchase requests from staff. For larger companies, this also allows the opportunity to designate line managers to approve/reject purchases up to a certain amount so the head admin only has to approve/reject the highest requests.

This plugin was designed by Stock In The Channel to allows users to charge prices per customer, including cost­-plus and fixed pricing.This can be integrated with your SINCH account or run as a standalone service managed within Magento Admin.

This plugin allows users to completely automate their business in everything from taking orders to invoicing/paying suppliers.

Key Management

Tony Meyers

Managing Director

Paul Meyers

Technical Director

Brendon Mills

Distribution & Partner Manager

Felix McDonald

Reseller Manager

Richard Hislop

Reseller Manager



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