Purchase Approval Process
Have full control over employee and customer purchases with Stock In The Channel’s Purchase Approval Plugin for Magento.

For enterprises, we understand that purchase approvals for a large amount of customers/employees can be an unnecessary chaos. With this plugin, you can easily designate multiple line managers to approve purchases under a certain amount so you only have to approve the larger purchases yourself. For someone with 50+ employees or customers, this is an excellent way to manage spend. Not only does this give you full control over total spend, but allows all users to be in control of their budgets and orders in an easy and organised manner. You can purchase this plugin from our store at the link below:
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Customer Specific Pricing
Customer Specific Pricing allows you to create and charge personalised prices for different customers, including fixed and cost-plus. While other plugins offer similar pricing capabilities, our tool is the only plugin perfect for large product databases and cost-plus pricing. With large product databases, we understand how important it is to create tailored prices per customer as soon as they’re requested and we’ve designed this tool specifically for you to do just that! Including fixed and cost-plus pricing depending on your unique pricing needs, this plugin guarantees a more efficient way to do your customer pricing.
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Toner & Part Finder
We built this tool for a toner finder, with 26.000 categories and subcategories. It makes it much faster to load and is the best way to browse such an extensive category tree.
The widget can be placed pretty much anywhere on the site and can be styled etc. It can work with a specified root category out of the multiple root category trees you create.
We built this tool so we could sell our Ink and toner web store solution, however in the spirit of open source we are giving it away to anyone that wants it – Enjoy!
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Import Products To Your Magento Store
Populate your Magento site with virtual stock and drop ship the products to your customers – for IT, Telecoms, Ink, office and consumer electronics products.
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