Automated Order Processing for VARs, resellers and MSPs

Stock In The Channel have produced a solution to streamline the procurement of drop-ship products so you can have everything you need in one place for a successful and fast order process!

Strip costs out of your business

With no-touch order fulfillment, costs of processing orders are reduced to pennies

Complete order transparency

Have full visibility of orders past and present with full tracking of quotes, orders, purchase orders and invoices so you have complete transparency of the quote-to-order cycle.

See results

Keep track of all orders, won and lost, with a complete report of quotes, orders and employee accounts.


How it Works

With our order automation package you can completely automate the purchasing of IT hardware from distribution. With end-to-end electronic communications, this solution gives your business a hands-off, efficient solution that lets computers do all the work.

All orders from either the webstore or sales team members are imported directly into our orders manager which automatically works out the cheapest fulfillment, considering the cheapest price and delivery costs. You have full control over how you convert orders into PO’s with the choice of the following:

  • Automatically convert orders to PO’s in seconds
  • Override the automated conversion to choose different distributors, change prices to reflect negotiations with distributors and special bid pricing for particular products or customers
  • Consolidate order items to be shipped from your warehouse to save on multiple purchase ordering costs.

Electronic ordering

Stock In The Channel has electronic ordering in place with all of the major distributors listed with us. These distributors can accept purchase orders and provide proof of delivery. Before an order is placed, we check the availability of items in real-time and provide tracking codes from distributors to help you fully monitor delivery progress. If a distributor provides a unique ID of an item for delivery, we will import this for you.

Complete order transparency

Package tracking and order status is visible to you, your sales staff and your customers. Order status is passed back from suppliers to our system and your web-store, CRM and even ERP enabling you to catch and resolve any issues pro-actively before your customer knows of the problem. Track the delivery on the courier’s website and see exactly where the package is at that very moment!

Access to full history

Every action that takes place is recorded in a history section on your Stock In The Channel account. This tracks quote, order, purchase order and supplier invoicing, allowing you full visibility of the complete quote-to-order cycle.

Consolidate orders

Our system allows you to select multiple orders and combine them into one purchase order (per supplier). These orders are then shipped directly to your base where you are then able to create shipping notes and manage the dispatch of the goods. There is a separate section that manages shipments from your warehouse.

Reports and audit trail

Report on quotes and orders, by company and date range. View results with sub totals divided by company or status.

Report on quotes, orders and employee results by company, date range or status. If you require a custom report, this can easily be created to meet your specific requirements by getting in touch with your Reseller Manager.

Private Data Feeds

Our private data feed solution enables you to sell stock from suppliers not yet listed on our site or any stock you hold in warehouse. This solution makes it easier and more efficient to get the products from your warehouse populated onto your site and directly in front of customers actively looking for the items you sell.

Key Benefits

  • See your own stock alongside products in the marketplace
  • Add stock and pricing from suppliers not currently listed on Stock In The Channel
  • Get your products in front of customers actively looking for the exact items you sell and increase your revenue
  • Increase sales of slow-moving stock by populating your webstore with your own stock

Over 300 supplier connections worldwide

Full EDI links where available

With full end to end electronic data exchange with the top 30 suppliers you instantly get complete business efficiency with all your suppliers. Other suppliers can be easily added. This starts with us sending the purchase order on your behalf to the supplier, followed by receipt of order status, dispatch and tracking information, and finally the invoice from you supplier.

Non-EDI suppliers

Our system emails POs to suppliers that don’t have electronic gateways, so is efficient for you with the supplier having to do the manual entry. A back office page in our site is available for these suppliers to manually enter shipping and tracking information – if they are willing to do so.

OCR solution

Working with Digital Mailroom it is possible to convert emails, invoices, order status updates and other documents from their text format to a machine-readable format our system can use. Therefore if you have a large number of transactions with a supplier who does not do EDI, our solution can actually make it work like a true EDI solution.

Link to your systems

Autotask and Exact Online

Automating the quote-to-order cycle for virtual stock, our links to Autotask and Exact Online provide IT resellers an efficient solution to creating and managing product quotes on Stock In The Channel.


  • Create the quote straight from your product basket!
  • Easily import and add your customer information
  • Full product descriptions, images and accurate pricing
  • Export quotes directly into Autotask for complete quote management
Web-store link

Orders made on our recommended shopping cart software – Magento – automatically appear in our Orders inbox for processing. Order status and tracking are fed back to the web-store. Triggers can be sent to Magento in order to invoice the customer.

Bridge to CRM and PSA

The quote tool is mainly involved in the links to CRM and PSA systems. However where you create orders within your PSA or CRM and process them (often called an inventory module) our system will send status and tracking to the CRM so the salespeople have visibility of order status.

Connect your accounts / ERP package

Our system sends orders, purchase orders, supplier invoices and order statuses to your ERP. This fully reconciles the orders you have fulfilled and eliminates any manual work.

See prices from all of your suppliers in one place!

Key benefits
  • View personalised prices from distributors you already work with alongside stock, helping to ensure you always get the best price for the products you need.
  • Unlimited users on your account
  • Compare prices from over 150 distributors in the UK alone!
  • Price feeds are updated daily so you always have the most up-to-date prices. For the top 25 distributors, you can receive real-time, up-to-the-minute stock and prices. If you hold your own stock or that of a distributor not currently listed on our site, we can add these feeds for you with our Private Data Feed service.
  • View personalised prices from distributors you already work with alongside stock. Price feeds are updated daily so you always have the most up-to-date prices.

Automation for distributors

By automating the order process with Stock In The Channel, your resellers have a more efficient order process, making the orders and payments you receive faster than ever before!

In order to get you set up and ready-to-go, information and documentation explaining how we should manage the following will need to be provided to our team:

  • Send purchase orders directly to you
  • Get status updates from you
  • Get tracking information from you
  • Get invoices from you

Once we have this information from you, we will be able to setup your automated order process within 24 hours.

If you’re interested in listing as an automated distributor, contact us.

The following distributors are currently setup for automated order processing.

To get setup with these distributors, click the name of the company you are interested in working with and request access on their profile

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