1-2-3 Managed Print 4 Me

Revolutionary Managed Print Service

Fully Automated – strips work out of supplying ink and toner

Pay As You Go!

Throw your contracts to the wind - Let your customers simply plug in the device and start sending you orders!

The right toner, right on time!

Ink and toner are automatically ordered and delivered before customers need them. Choose from over 140 suppliers within the UK alone and save up to 15% on purchasing. A distributor you use not listed? Add them with a private data feed!

Hassle-free & cheapest fulfilment guaranteed!

All items drop-shipped directly to the end user so you can focus your attention on your core business while orders are fulfilled nearly instantly. Our system automatically works out the cheapest way to fulfil your orders, including delivery.

Transparent Ordering

As a pay-as-you-go system, this transactional model enables a more efficient way to handle orders. With this solution, you can quickly and easily consolidate your customer orders into one invoice and have full audit trails available in one place. Better yet, your customers have complete transparency, allowing them to see exactly what they pay for - helping them save on printing costs.

Selling this service to your customers

No need for contracts, site audits or anything more. Simply get your customer to buy the device, plug it into their network and you start getting orders for toner. With our pay-as-you-go solution, they can cancel anytime they want by simply unplugging the device!


Base Package

£500 pcm

- Monitors all your clients devices.
- Creates opportunities when toner is needed
- Opportunities can be synced to appear in your CRM / PSA

Automated order processing

£1 per item ordered

- Sends electronic purchase orders to suppliers
- Receives status tracking and supplier invoice back
- Linked to your accounts system

Special needs accommodated


Whether its warehouse replenishment, linking to a new ERP or accounting system or accommodating other ways of working we can help.


Q: I have my own stock – do I have to drop-ship everything?
You can include your own stock – prioritise it, set strategic pricing for it and more. Instead of purchase orders to suppliers, our system creates shipping notes. Even those companies who fulfil completely from their own stock can benefit by reducing stock of non-core lines and increasing your range to supply every toner via drop-ship
Q: I already run managed print and want to sell on contract - is this possible?
Whilst our service enables a transactional model by automating invoice and PO processing, you can choose to simply use our system to get the supplies delivered and not provide the breakdown of what’s been ordered.