What is Stock in the Channel?

Stock in the Channel is a site that connects you to all your suppliers in one place. Over 50,000 resellers use the site to make their business more efficient or to allow them to sell their suppliers products on their own on-line stores.

Who can use Stock in the Channel?

The core of our client base are IT, Toner (EOS) & office products resellers. You need accounts with distributors / suppliers to benefit fully from our services. Brands and distributors contribute about 10% of traffic.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE to get started and see stock from over 130 distributors. The “Compare Prices” service, which adds your personalised cost prices to search results, is £30 per month after a two month free trial.
Our “Web Store” package starts from £300 per month for data only and you can add additional services such as order automation or hosting on top if required.

Typically there are no set up fees.
There are no contracts so you are not committed to our services. However if like the Service and would like to pay annually, you can then take advantage of a discount and get 12 months service for 10 months fees.

Compare Prices
Will I see trade prices for all suppliers immediately?

No, in this market different resellers pay different prices for the same product from the same supplier and are often determined by how much you spend with your suppliers. Therefore there is not just one set trade price – but hundreds.

To see your buy prices you have to apply to each supplier and be approved by them to see prices. However about 20 of the suppliers (particularly parts suppliers) show prices to anyone who applies and you are immediately approved. We also provide guide trade prices on our product detail page for registered users.

Can I try it out?

Absolutely, we offer a free, no obligation, two month trial of the service.

Are the prices I see here the same as on the supplier's web site?

Yes, the prices you see are your personalized, negotiated prices according to your agreements with your suppliers. The advantage is that you can see multiple suppliers’ prices for the same product, side by side.

I don’t buy from distribution. Can I see trade prices?

No. The suppliers have to approve your application to see prices, so if you are not a reseller you will not get approved by suppliers to see prices.

How long does it take to get set up?

The distributors normally set you up within 48 hours of your application.

I already have feeds, can I use these?

We recommend that you use our interface to apply again, although for some suppliers you can try with your existing login details.

Can I add suppliers that are not listed or my own stock?

This service is available with our “Webstore package” where you can add any and all your suppliers. Some resellers have 150 private suppliers set up including their own warehouse stock – in addition to the suppliers we show publicly.

Do I need to have accounts with the suppliers?

Yes, absolutely. We take the stock and price feeds from your suppliers (which contain your personalised buy prices) match the products with descriptions, specifications, images and other content. We then give you tools to add profit margins, edit content, filter and personalise the categorisation. You would still buy the products from your suppliers even if you automate your purchasing through our services.

What products can I sell?

IT, Office, Toner & Telecoms are our key areas, however we are constantly reviewing and expanding the range of suppliers. If you are involved in another area, we may still be able to help.

Is there a demo?

We offer webinars, videos, guides and other support. Also we have a fully functioning demo site so you can try everything out before you buy. Sign up and our sales team will give you access.

What is drop ship?

Drop ship is when your suppliers send products directly to your customers under plain label. The IT and office products industry works like this and always has. There is no middlemen with our system. You, the reseller, still have a direct relationships with your suppliers.

How long does it take to get set up?

With our turnkey offer you can be up and running within a couple of days.

Which shopping cart can I use?

Magento, a free open source shopping cart owned by Ebay, is highly recommended by us. We have built many enhancements around it. However if you are using any other cart as long as you can import large numbers of products every day and have the technical knowledge to do so, you can.

Can I customize the site?

Our recommended option is Magento. There are 100,000 developers of this around the world – plus thousands of plug-ins and template designs to choose from. So the answer to this point is a resounding YES!!

How do I market the site?

You have all the digital marketing tools available to you without restriction so you can pretty much do what you like. Many of our customers have been successful selling on Ebay, Amazon and Google shopping. Free plug-ins are available to facilitate this.

Is it good for selling to my business customers?

You can set up pricelists per customer group, with margins by category, brand and price range. You can also set up specific prices for selected customers on selected products. You can punchout-enable your web store, can link to your CRM and ERP and so display invoice history on your online store – both online and offline plus customer portal options

Order Automation
Is it completely automatic?

It can be, where our system automatically chooses the best way to fulfill the order including delivery charges, but if you wish you can manually approve orders, select suppliers – or even choose to consolidate selected orders. We allow you to continue working as your currently do – just better.

Can I track orders?

Order status and tracking information is automatically returned to our system and can then be exported to your web store or through to your ERP or CRM allowing you to always know exactly what is happening to all orders you have placed.

What if my suppliers do not accept electronic orders?

The system sends out PDF purchase orders by email to these suppliers, with the ability for them to confirm receipt. This keeps the process efficient for you – it is the supplier who carries the cost of not supporting efficient systems. Since status and tracking information may not be supported by these suppliers, you can set up the system to assume the order is delivered or manually mark orders as complete.

How many suppliers have you got set up? If mine is not included can it be added?

Pretty much all the bigger suppliers in the UK can accept electronic orders from Stock in the Channel. However if there is a supplier that we currently don’t support they can be easily added. This is often done free of charge, if you let us know who you buy from we will report back notifying you of any costs.

Can I link to my existing systems?

Yes, we have a complete and open API as well as file transfer methods supported. Solutions are offered for Sage 50, Sage 200 and Navision, although many other systems have been accommodated. Data exchange includes: customers, orders, purchase orders, supplier invoices, pricing matrices and order status.