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Create, send and monitor product quotes in your Exact Online software!

Automating the quote-to-order cycle for virtual stock, our link to Exact Online provides IT resellers an efficient solution to creating and managing product quotes on Stock In The Channel.

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Create the quote straight from your product basket!

Create a product basket within Stock In The Channel and instantly turn it into a quote with one click. Once created, you have full control over which quotes to import into Exact and when. While the link allows you to instantly create a quote from your basket, importing it into your software requires your decision to do so by simply clicking an ‘export’ button found on the quote section of our site.

Customer information is always up-to-date

When choosing a specific customer to quote, this link allows users to have full visibility of customer data across all accounts without needing to do a full import. Simply find the customer information needed in the master list, click import and add them directly to the quote. If a new customer needs to be created, users can quickly add their information to either account and sync it to ensure all customer data is accurate across both accounts.

Accurate product descriptions and prices from suppliers

All quotes created on Stock In The Channel include full Icecat product descriptions, accurate pricing from suppliers and customer information imported directly from your Exact account - ensuring all quotes are 100% accurate in an instant.

Complete quote management

Once the quote is completed within Stock In The Channel, users can export it directly into Exact where they can make final amends, add services readily available in your chosen software and track quote progress and revenue.

How to get it

To link your Stock In The Channel account to Exact, simply contact us and one of our sales team members will add the service to your account. Once added, you’ll be asked for your Exact Online login details and your accounts will sync instantly. Yes, it’s that simple!