E-procurement marketplace catalog plugin

A shopping cart experience for browsing and ordering products from multiple suppliers linked to your e-procurement system

Easy To Find Products

Browse by category, brand and price range, supplier, category attributes and to top it all a great free text search

Add All Your Suppliers Easily

This system links to the wholesale suppliers – hence resellers who source from them can be added immediately – which includes all IT, office and toner suppliers.

Compare Like For Like Products – Save Money

With IT products you have several suppliers of exactly the same product. Our system combines them in to one product and automatically works out the best way to fulfill an order including delivery charges. Overall this should save you 6% to 9%


Our key selling points

Finding products within an e-procurement marketplace is not the same easy experience as on an ecommerce site. Product descriptions are lacking – a lack of or poorly defined category navigation, a free text search that does not find what you want. This can all change with our application. Stock in the channel was built for IT resellers to source products from multiple suppliers. As such it includes: –

  • Accurate stock and prices from all your suppliers
  • Compare prices of the same product from multiple suppliers with a Sourcing Logic For Products With Multiple Sourcing Options so you always get the best deal
  • Compare spot prices against supply contracts to ensure best value procurement
  • Full product descriptions for over 2m products allowing you as the buyer to easily find and identify the right product
  • Easy supplier adoption, over 10,000 resellers are already using Stock in the channel. They can all easily slot in supplying you, even without their own ecommerce sites, let alone a punch out enabled site

Punch out enabled

Punch out from your existing e-procurement system. Add items to baskets, keep multiple baskets open, assign baskets to cost centres and users, save favorites lists and more.
Draft cart or e-quotes can be created.

Control who has access to what

You may have many organisations for whom you manage their procurement frameworks. Our system supports this: –

Set up individual client access with specific suppliers enabled
Within each client users can be given access to views that contain a sub set of products, brands, categories, suppliers and pricelists
Set up specific pricelists for specific customers
Centrally manage access to products or push this down to administrators within the client companies that you support.

Easy supplier onboarding

Since 1999 we have been enabling supplier for participation in e-procurement marketplaces – making it as easy as possible.: –

FTP of a CSV that updates daily or hourly –
For those listing trade suppliers stock and reselling it, they can be e-enabled by our reseller to distributor solution.
Real time queries to resellers ERPs can be enabled.

End to end efficiency

A full and open API plus a protocol for file transfer allows you to link to our system. Pre-built connectors for the main ERP and CRM packages are offered. Plus deep links to the trade distributors and wholesalers are in place. Hence our system links to your systems via punchout or direct, to the resellers systems and to the actual end supplier be it a wholesaler or distributor. This facilities complete end to end efficiency for: –

  • Buying organisations
  • Resellers
  • Wholesalers / distributors

This can cut cycle times as your orders can be flipped by the resellers to orders to their suppliers to supply the goods – with zero delays and full feedback of order status and tracking.

Product Descriptions Provided

For IT, Office and toner products we have sourced over 2m descriptions.


Our contract with Icecat, a leading provider of product data,allows us to give away all their content if you host wiht us. If you host yourself we provide iframes for full icecat content, but still include all the category and attribute data, as well as a thumbnail and main image. Icecat covers many categories including IT, office and toner, however for office and toner we have specific solutions in to Icecat.

Bechlem for ink and toner

Bechlem for Ink and Toner, the most comprehensive database of toners and printers in the world. This includes compatible, re-manufactured and original brands. This is better than Icecat since it lists the relationship between printer and cartridge allowing you to search by printer to find carrtridges.

VOW, Spicers and Azerty

For office products with the large number of own brand products you have to rely on the suppliers data or a third party content provider that works with the supplier. Nearly all the branded products are in Icecat, however the office category tree in Icecat is not great. With Vow we use the BOSS federation categories and their data. For Spicers again you can use BOSS, with Openrange data or go the whole hog and use the Openrange data and navigation. We are workign on options for Azerty.

Add Your Own product descriptions
  • Upload a file containing your own product descriptions
  • Edit the supplied product descriptions either one by one or via a bulk edit on the site
  • Include other third party content providers or suppliers content. If this has to be imported in a way that is not possible with our data import tool there may be extra charges.

Prioritise the content suppliers according to your preference. So say Icecat first, then Midwich, then Cnet…

Improve data quality

Our system gives you tools to improve the product descriptions in bulk – such as adding default images to products without images, adding descriptions to products without descriptions, automatically categorising products and more by creating data quality rules in our system.

Data Provided

See our sample files to find out exactly what we offer – it includes

  • Part numbers
  • Product Names
  • EAN codes
  • Category of products
  • Stock level
  • Your lowest priced supplier
  • UNSPSC code
  • Multiple Images per product
  • Related products
  • Detailed product description
  • Full product specifications
  • Product attributes (e.g. color)
  • Expert product reviews

Manage many buyers / buying organisations

With this offer you get your own version of our site. The current biggest version currently supports over 48,000 reselllers, each who has access to his own product portfolio, tailored product descriptions and categorizations, pricing, sourcing options from their own suppliers and much more. Hence if your organisation manages procurement for a number of different organisations, companies or departments our system can accommodate it. Implicit in our processes is order approval, but this mainly applies to customer not using e-procurement marketplaces, as the approval processes are handled there. There are also facilities to export product content from our system to stand alone web sites built on the Magento ecommerce platform, for which additionally we have created plugins for purchase approval and customer specific pricing.

Complete end to end supply chain automation

Our system already connects electronically to all the UK’s IT, office and toner distributors and wholesalers. This is currently used by resellers to automate supply of products. In this model these connections would: –

  • Give full visibility of the order process to end user customers, including status and tracking of the order.
  • Allow resellers to load in products without any effort. The resellers source the products from distribution, our system is already connected to distribution so the reseller can simply add his distributors products via our system

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Find out more / How it works

  1. Punch out from your procurement system to our site and search for products, by category, brand, attribute and more. Numerous filters including by supplier are offered. Results group the same product from different products together.
  2. NB Different users can see different ranges of products at different prices from different ranges of suppliers
  3. Add items to baskets, and then convert baskets to quotes or orders. Our system works out the best way to fulfill the order including delivery charges and other sourcing logic you have set (although this can be overridden).
  4. The order can then be approved by your team on our site or can feed through to your e-procurement marketplace. If sent through to your e-procurement system normal protocols are followed for order approval
  5. Real orders are received by our system and passed through to the reseller. The reseller can then fulfill the orders from stock or can get the products drop shipped direct to you. Another key advantage of our system is the pre-existing links to the resellers systems. Hence the reseller can simply flip your orders to create his own purchase orders to his suppliers, with order status and tracking feeding back to you – and importantly the reseller having complete efficiency in fulfilling the orders – with no manual entry on the reseller side either.