To test our Magento plug-in, download our add-on and install it on your site via Magento Connect. You can also try out the Magento admin panel and eCommerce software here.
We have a support section to help you:

Magento Test Data
If you want to preview how products will appear in your store, use the sample data provided below. This will wipe any other products loaded onto the site.
Server: - Username: StoreProductsCSV4 - Password: C51406B4

Sample Data

There are two sample data formats offered as standard, a Flat file for easy import or a Multi file for developers. Please feel free to check them out using these credentials below.

Flat file
Server: - Username: StoreProductsCSV2 - Password: 860B928E

Multi file format
Server: - Username: StoreProductsCSV3 - Password: 38ADA392

Demo our tools

Try out our web store and order processing control panels. Start by reading the guides to these services before working through the demo.

Our sales team are happy to assist you in trying out our solution, via webinars and answering your questions. Contact us for more details.

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Our comprehensive support section should answer a lot of your questions


Do you have a Magento 2 plugin ?
Yes we do, It is currently in beta as we are running some tests on it to ensure that it can import a million products with ease but it will need a little more time testing before it goes to production. You can download the Magento 2 plugin here.
Do you have a PrestaShop plugin ?
We previously looked at developing a PrestaShop plugin however we came across complications due to the way that PrestaShop handles incoming data. We are looking at alternative methods to ensure reasonable speed is acquired.
Do you have a sample toner dataset ?
Yes we do, You can use our plugin as well as these credentials to test out our toner data:
Server: - Username: StoreProductsCSV6 - Password: 59F1EB31