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We provide the most complete database of IT, consumable & Office product inventory in the channel, servicing over 35,000 resellers and MSP’s. Stock in the Channel has become the natural choice for trade buyers and specifiers when it comes to sourcing products. Every month trade buyers perform 1,100,000 searches on a database of almost 8,000,000 products.

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With wallpaper advertising on Stock In The Channel, you get two massive banners on each side of the screen that show on every page view – over 65,000 times per day. The UK It channel won’t be able to miss your message!

Category- Specific Advertising

With category-specific advertising, you can target your campaigns on chosen hardware categories thereby reaching the resellers that are actively looking for products that you supply at that very moment.

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Self service tools let you manage where your ads show and when your ads show and on your target categories. Make the best use of your budget for your specific campaign goals.

Let our experts help!

If you desire a hands-off approach to advertising, you can have your own Account Manager here at Stock In The Channel, helping you create, implement and measure a successful campaign from start to finish. Simply send us your artwork, URL and PO and we will handle the rest while providing you with analytics reports to keep you up to date throughout the campaign.

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